Shining Light Reading Series
Maren Schmidt, M. Ed.
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Light the Path to Learning

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Kids Reading

Right now, your 2 1/2- to 6-year-old is in the critical period for learning language. By appealing to your child's intrinsic developmental sensitivities like love of repetition and affinity for song, Shining Light Reading Series provides a natural, enjoyable way to build the two essential skills for reading success:

  • Phonemic Awareness (the ability to hear the separate sounds within a word)
  • Letter/Sound Recognition (the ability to associate a letter symbol with its corresponding sound)

Created, tested and used by teachers, Shining Light Reading Series incorporates the tried-and-true, phonics-based method of language acquisition with images, songs and games to engage your child's intellect while honing the visual and auditory skills necessary for reading and language development.

For additional information, please contact us at or 503.550.3143.

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For additional information contact us by e-mail or call 503.550.3143.

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